Pixelperfect Update #2

Update #2 of Ink Remixes Pixelperfect

Read Update #1 if you wanna catch up before venturing on this quest.

Cover Art Done

Are we getting a Free and a DX version?

Not this time. There will be only one album release of the album and it will be the 320 kbps DX edition for everyone, for free. Of course donations will be optional this time around as well for all the work put into it.

Any guest artists?

Yes. Liquid A, K4ZUY4 and Infernal Region will be joining Only Human in this album. More about this later on!

Release date?

This year, and when we feel its ready.

How many tracks can we expect on the Pixelperfect album?

Expect 50 remixed tracks from beloved games, both old and new on the upcoming album for a total rad experience along with additional bonus-tracks and alternative versions / remixes.

Which genres will the soundtrack have?

It will be mixed like the Ink Remixes Retro Games Album; Synthwave, Trance, Piano Medleys, Hard Dance, Lo-Fi & Chill, Chiptunes with Orchestra, Club, Dark Techno and more.

Will there be a live stream on this?

Yes. World premiere showcase will be on Twitch, followed by musicvideo clips and full VOD uploaded on YouTube later.

Here, have two more tunes while we wait on more information and the release!

Update: Remixes deleted because they have been revisited and gotten further remixing.

Pixelperfect Update #1

Update #1 of Ink Remixes Pixelperfect

We have a name, we have a cover, we have a few remixes.

About Ink Remixes
Ink Remixes is the brand of albums coming out by Only Human. Art design by Enkeria. While the first was called Ink Remixes Retro Games it had its main focus on games from games across arcades during the 80s and up to the Playstation 2. The remixes got the Only Human ”touch” and are a variety of genres from synthwave and pop to dark house and psytrance. I mean, who doesn’t like a good Bubble Bobble Dubstep now and then, right?

About Pixelperfect
Next project is under some hush-hush, but as far as I can tell, it continues the theme of games, but its no longer tied to what one might expect is considered exclusivly ”retro”. This doesn’t mean ”retro” wont be part of it, or more music about it will be revisited. There are much more to talk about in a near future. For now, enjoy the music.

Update: Remixes deleted because they have been revisited and gotten further remixing.

Will it be free like Ink Remixes Retro Games?
Yes, totally. All tracks in the Ink Remixes will always be DMCA-free and DRM-free and with a free downloadable. See the three tracks above as work-in-progress, and they are subject to change until final date of release.

No estimated date yet. Sorry. Look forward to Update #2. Cover will be announced soon, but you get a taste of it above.