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Ink Remix Retro Games [MP3] [YouTube Playlist]
Ink Remix Pixelperfect [Update #1] [Update #2] [MP3 Coming Soon]
Legacy Experiments [MP3]


Emotes are used on Twitch or any other service in need of icons in chat and messaging. I have made thousands of emotes for people across the world in both commissions and for free usage over at FFZ.

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Graphic Design


Sadly I don’t make video projects anymore since I either have the time or the hardware to make it. Today’s video projects need a powerhouse of a computer, and the right tools to make it smooth and fast. This is something I do not have access to anymore.

Smaller intros (1-14 sec) is possible, connect with me for commissions.
Old projects below.

»Famous Fools Tattoo Company Promo
»Free Emotes Video Promo
»Ark Gaming Server Promo
»Gin Intro / Outro (Gaming Related)

Free Stuff

» DMCA-free soundtrack: Ink Remixes Retro Games
» FrankerFaceZ free Twitch Emotes: Enkeria’s Submissions
» The Enkeria Challenge Twitch Overlay Promo: EC zip

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