The Etherealmourn Project

Amzeer – Aurora of Rebirth is dead

Long live Etherealmourn – Aurora of Rebirth!

Sorry in advance in poor english, this was written shortly before bed after a long day, and its been a while since I wrote a bunch of thoughts in english…

The grand game have been namechanged once again, and this time its final (unless legal actions are needed and someone register it before me).

Reason behind it is simple

I was thinking about Castlevania series and thought of it as a good example when the subtitle of the game told more than the title. Castlevania II: Simons Quest was mostly outside of the Castle, which was okey I guess since we did visit the castle later on in the game, but it could’ve been named differently all together actually. Having this in mind, and also knowing that Amzeer is the main character in the game, I want to make sure if there is a sequel or even a prequel to be made, I dont want a main characters name attached to the project, if that character have a minor role or aren’t even in the game.

The game itself evolves on the paper as the time goes by, and I know I got a long way before I can make this game. This is why multiple other smaller game-projects (experiments) will be made before I even touch this grand idea of mine.

Take note that pictures of the cemetary and the chamber are not assets or made for this project, but act as inspiration for the game. It have many areas will hopefully keep you interested to see whats behind the next area as you progress.

Keeping it alive

I do keep the records and notes on a daily weekly basis now, instead of daily. But as soon as I see something cool from games, movies or read reddit ideas or people wishing something from chats when they watch streamers play a metroidvania or similar, I jotter down the thoughts. Thank god for CLOUD-servers, am I right?

Anyway. So while the project is still going strong there are so much I need to learn before venture on making a gigantic game like this. In due time it will be done! And once I know more, a series might be easier to make. But until then, people will have to be patient if there are any interest in this project.

Other game projects will be shared here in due time, but as of now, I will learn Blender 3D and Unreal Engine 5 since I recently upgraded my PC so it can handle these programs! I can even play Cyberpunk 2077 now! Its funtastic! (I like the game, no hard feelings here!)

Until then, enjoy some paintings I’ve made that might be in the castle of Etherealmourn.