Poll: Which Retro Game Remix is your favorite?

Greetings champion!

Thanks for listening on Ink Remixs: Retro Games! I wonder, which is your favorite? Poll below. 1 vote allowed, make it count!

This will help me pinpoint what people expect in the upcoming album; Pixelperfect, and help me to look through the ones that were less populare, thank you!

Poll is over, the results:

Top 10
10. Invasions and Konquests [Mortal Kombat] 8
9. Fables [ActRaiser] 9
8. Red Shoes Blue Speed [Sonic The Hedgehog] 11
7. Solomon Aran [Metroid] 12
6. EDMdrome [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] 16
5. Urata Fujimoto Okuda [Castlevania] 18
4. Dreams Collide [Little Nemo] 30
3. IDDQD IDKFA [Doom] 33
2. I’m Your Huckleberry [Gun.Smoke] 41
1. Hyperactive Dragons [Bubble Bobble] 66

Thank you for voting!