Upcoming Albums 2022-2023


Quick update for those that are new to the website and possibly found RESET or any other album to their liking. I got some new projects coming up that might interest you!


I found some tracks on an old harddrive, sadly it shifts in kbps, but its still gold worth to me as they are from the era when I just started mixing music on a more advanced program than Dance eJay.

Expect 70+ tracks from 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2017 on it which you can use on any project, stream or video editing of your choice without any DMCA-issues. More about this coming very soon!


Next album will focus on background noise, music and loops for streamers and Movie makers to enjoy a wide range of colorful, retro, modern and creepy pads and melodies to keep viewers on their toes, or having them comfy by the fireplace. All DMCA-free as usual. Ambient but also songs, and possibly one or two remixes. A mixed back for the common creative user in short.


TBA 2023 – If donations are raised, more retro gaming music will be made.