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Only Human – Cloudcolour

Only Human – Cloudcolour (or the tale of my pet turtle Vincent) is an album made between 2011 and 2012, and is part of the Legacy Part II as a stand-alone album since its themed under the Cloudcolour name. Granted, the name was the DJ name I was looking for before taking a long break and start doing tracks as the Only Human alter ego DJ name. Even so, this is part of the past and now available for free for you to enjoy. A tale of a turtle with adventures, that only wanna be a ninja.

The subtitle of the track was ”Music for little monsters”, a concept for more softer and easy in its approach, some darker aspects would come through in the album which off-springed an additional ’Deluxe Edition’ of the album. The concept would be you got the full album, if you wanted more, a smaller zip file would be granted for a small fee to get the additional tracks. This is the complete experience, with added tracks that was in early concept (Interlude 1, Interlude 2, Anything Is Something, Don’t Stop, Sweettooth Spaceship, Onions and Soap and Cactusjuice).

I hope you like this primitive and goofy attempt of an album by me, as a younger self.

– 26 tracks in 224 Kbps
– DRM-free, DMCA-free & Royalty free
– Cover art included
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  1. Only Human – 01 Turtle Vincent Intro (0:30)
  2. Only Human – 02 My Turtle is a Ninja (4:22)
  3. Only Human – 03 Wax on Wax off (3:48)
  4. Only Human – 04 Cloudcolour (3:53)
  5. Only Human – 05 And We Cant Find Him (3:12)
  6. Only Human – 06 Move the Box (3:04)
  7. Only Human – 07 Moon Buttercup (4:01)
  8. Only Human – 08 Be Like Water (5:59)
  9. Only Human – 09 Bottle with Oceans (3:29)
  10. Only Human – 10 Freak (3:53)
  11. Only Human – 11 Hush (3:03)
  12. Only Human – 12 Interlude 1 (0:30)
  13. Only Human – 13 Blututt (3:37)
  14. Only Human – 14 A Family Again (6:40)
  15. Only Human – 15 Heartbeat (3:34)
  16. Only Human – 16 Next Mission (2:54)
  17. Only Human – 17 Onions and Soap (2:47)
  18. Only Human – 18 Undeadish (2:24)
  19. Only Human – 19 Sweettooth Spaceship (3:18)
  20. Only Human – 20 The Legend of the Greenfist (3:28)
  21. Only Human – 21 Cactusjuice (2:51)
  22. Only Human – 22 Dont Stop (4:43)
  23. Only Human – 23 Interlude 2 (0:48)
  24. Only Human – 24 Anything is Something (2:49)
  25. Only Human – 25 Strawberry Balloon (3:45)
  26. Only Human – 26 Turtle Vincent Outro (1:55)


Can I use this music in my streams and projects?
Sure! If someone asks about the music, tell them where you got it from. And if you feel like it, credits are welcome, see examples below;

– Music from
– DCMA-free music from

Is it free?
If you have a kind heart, spirit and a wallet I do appreciate donations, but they are totally optional. So yes, its free.

Are the music on Spotify?
Nope, I do music as a fun project, not for money. Read more about it here, and how to upload your owned music on Spotify from your harddrive.

Why does this exist?
Since DMCA came on strong through governments, the amount of ”free” music is lacking in the communities I move within. In the future I want to stream and listen on music (that I enjoy listening to) without having the fear of getting copyright strikes, silenced, DMCA-lawsuits or getting banned from a platform I enjoy using. I figured I would just share my project with you guys as well, perhaps you will enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

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