Amzeer: Aurora of Rebirth Update #3

Todays update is about:

Concept Art | Music & Inspiration | Areas | Metroidvania Vs. IGAvania

And so, life was given, but at what cost?

Hey everyone! I hope you are staying safe in the shade, or having fun in the sun.

To me its most about work, rest and food in a fine Zen balance. It’s been a while since I had an update, and to be fair, most ideas and things are still in the works. While I don’t want to spoil too much, my streams show things that will never be part of this update. So check me out on Twitch.TV/Enkeria and see if you can get some insights of concept art, soundtrack making and ideas. Those streams are rare since I dont have the option to really stream as much as I want. Expect more streams with all kinds of projects and live game development in the future. I just need to upgrade my computer since it can’t even stream Cyberpunk 2077 in lowest settings. Oof!

Concept Art

Here we got some images, concept art may be updated, replaced or put to rest depending if things goes as planned, time and energy and possibilities. I have too many ideas, and I try to write them down as I go, but its mostly in text and not as fun to read. The information on each image can be found under the grid.

Music & Inspiration

Check the storyboard image above, and play this track, and you will somewhat get a vision of the first thing you will see in the game.


Sound: In the menu. Pressing on stuff, then starts the game. You wake up, you rise up, now you can control your heroine, walking slow out and reach a gate. On your way you slay some zombies at the cemetery. This area works almost like a tutorial, but not really. Tutorials are banned from my games. I will do this old school.

Inspiration is based on Michiru Yamane work in many Castlevania games, and Koji Igarashi’s Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Some tracks also have inspiration from 80s horror slasher movies and synthwave. Inspiration comes in different shapes and forms. Take for example Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and the track ”Lost Painting” (below) was the main focus when I did the first track below the video.

Lost Painting inspired the first track in this small showcase below. We also hear a windy place that only take a few ”rooms” in the castle, there are some special rooms with story elements. The third track represent a warm place with a temple beat, it will be connected to a place where the temple might feel at home as well. Metal track represent a fight with the big bad of the game. Last nugget is the sound you hear when Game Over.



We should reflect upon the areas in some other IGAvanias to see the difference.

Symphony of the Night have 35 areas (included the reversed ones and the Saturn version), for example Soul Prison, Royal Chapel and Final Stage: Bloodlines.

Aria of Sorrow have 14 areas, for example Chapel, Forbidden Area, Inner Quarters and Underground Cemetery.

Order of Ecclesia has 26 areas, for example Library, Training Hall, Ruvas Forest and Skeleton Cave.

There are currently (and this might change) over 50 areas in Amzeer: Aurora of Rebirth. Does this make the map bigger those IGAvanias? Possibly! That’s something I need to have to look more into soon. It’s better to have many ideas than a few, so I can pick the best ones. There is also a chance some areas will be fused together if its allowed. But I rather see areas being similar in size, so not one is sticking out too much, like the Underground Cavern from Symphony of the Night, which to be seemed to go on forever. Probably because the tile sets was easier to maintain and there was a deadline to uphold. My deadline is what I choose to set, which is for good and worse.

Make no mistake. This game will be dark and gruesome. But who didn’t like a classical musical while summoning demons from hell anyway?

Metroidvania Vs. IGAvania

Whats the difference?

Metroidvania was a fun play on words combining Super Metroid and Castlevania. Using the theme of Castlevania, using sword instead of a space gun, exploration and backtracking. What most people are leaving out is what made the genre so special back in the day. This is the reason IGAvania term exist today.

After a while the term Metroidvania forgot its roots, even though the name suggest something else, the real genre was created by Koji ”IGA” Igarashi with Castlevania’s gothically theme but with the exploration, itemization and map ideas of Zelda: A Link to the Past (this according to an interview). Today games like Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, Guacamelee, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue and even Super Mario 64 are considered as Metroidvania, which to be honest, is totally fine. I call them however for exploration platforms. See, the vanilla ’Metroidvania’ or Zeldavania is you so will is called IGAvania to underline its back to the original concept:

Exploration. Itemization. Backtracking. RPG-elements. Shopkeepers. Leveling Up. Change of Areas. Lack of firearms (but not limited) and a story with dark atmosphere based lightly or heavy on Goetia, Gothic stories and/or the super-natural.

TL;DR: IGAvania is the original source of the old term of Metroidvania, before it was watered down.

Secret Notes

  • Idea: If enemy kills you, but you kill that after revived, you will get ”Revenge”, a feature under brainstorming.
  • Idea: If boss kills you, they will remember you, and commentate upon it, a feature under brainstorming.
  • Want many options in the menu. Show/hide: blood, boss health user interface,
  • Shopkeeper will sell you ”Fun Surprise Mechanic” if you want it. Map pieces, fortune telling, items and potions too.
  • There will be collectables in the game, which are optional.
  • Lore and Bestiary are optional.
  • Skipping dialogue should be EASY.
  • Candles will possibly spawn stuff when extinguished. Candles that are lit will give secrets.
  • Each area in the game needs to be very unique. Not only that, but big areas need one of a kind thing, this will make it easier to remember where it is if you need to visit it at a later point.

These are the kind of notes I am keeping, and just a fraction of what I have in store for this project. Cross fingers I can get it made.

Until next time traveler.

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