Amzeer: Aurora of Rebirth Update #2


I hope things are alright with everyone!

I would like to share additional information about whats going on with the game idea and project I am working with on my spare time.

The first thing you might notice is that the game project have an official name now!

Amzeer: Aurora of Rebirth

Changed from the placeholder Rain: Aurora of ReBirth.

Synopsis of Amzeer: Aurora of Rebirth

As the rain falls, the lightning of thunder shows the way to a village. With no memory of who you once were you search for answers which takes you on a journey across castle hallways and dungeons with demonic threats. And with each step – and death, fragments of who you once were comes rushing back.

Amzeer: Aurora of Rebirth is an 2D side-scrolling action adventure game with exploration and 3D depth.

All on paper

Most of the concepts, art and theories are just on pieces of papers spread across multiple platforms at the moment. The only thing that have taken shape thus far is the music, something I will share more about in the next update since almost every track will get updated versions of them. If you are into music, look forward to that part.

The map

I started out this project with going through how I want to upload the map. After studying Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and its predecessors, I decided I want more Symphony of the Night map style than any other in its genre. This means it won’t be an IGAvania / Metroidvania until you officially find a dead end and have to backtrack. The map itself is made in Google Calc spreedsheets so its easy to go in and change things if needed. I bet I will notice places where I have to change so it feels more fluid, and easier for you to know your paths. The grand goal and details is however in place. To reach this you need this and this, and so on. That is all covered. I also made sure to include some interesting skills, but its not final yet and something I won’t talk about in this update.


I have collected inspirational pictures. Mostly locations since my game will have a variaty of themes to play around with. The story in this game allows me to explore everything from gothic classic castle interiors and magical forests to realms outside of this existence. To put it short, some areas will be otherworldly.

All pictures below are for inspiration, not actual game concept. Copyright to rightful owners.



There will be some minor interactions with NPCs in this game. There will be pages of information about this world, its areas, items and monsters for you to read if you so choose to do so. Everthing will be optional, and I wont include a tutorial. Who needs those anyways? In the settings you will be able to see and change the buttons to how you wanna play the game, its all mapped out (on the papers for now).

Here is a viking dude I found. He might be the inspiration of an interesting NPC, or follower, or something else. Credit goes to rightful owner.

Save & Warp Rooms

These rooms are vital for our progression. You can save in the save rooms before venture on, but if you fail your mission from that room, your progress will be lost. It is in other words a ”play it slow, play it safe” scenario in games like these. They do not allow you to pause and save whenever you feel like it.

I have been trying to thought of ways to make rooms like these interesting, and they are still under development. Instead of using the space of that room just for one function, it would be nice to have other functions beside them. I have been thinking on combine the first save room with a shop, its very close to where you start the game, and if possible even allow for that room to have more things. Maybe something that happens at random, at only one point or something mysterious that wakes your interest in trying new stuff. At one point I had a Boss Rush Mode dedicated to a save room, but that idea was quickly scrapped. If that modes comes (which I hope) it will be a main menu thing for quick access and not something you have to travel to gain access to.

Warp rooms will make you travel to destination of your choosing faster than trying to walk, run, swim, dash or jump your way to that place. Warp rooms needs to be found to be activated.


In Amzeer: Aurora of Rebirth will include weapons such as swords, whips, axes, flails, scythes and more. It will also have like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night [use] items.

To those that do not remember or know about these, they are limited to the amount of what you have in your inventory. These would range everything from shuriken (throwing stars) to TNT and full screen damage objects.

With an late expensive purchase of an item called ”Duplicator” it allowed the player to cast the [use] items unlimited of times.

This item was one of a few accessories that totally broke the gameplay, making it easier and almost a sandbox of an experience. It did allow the casual gamer to feel powerful, and also for the player to explore longer and deeper. Gamebreakers like this wont happen in Amzeer, but there are plans to take inspirations out of it.

Here is an image of a few swords. While these are heavy on the fantasy style, I am leaning more towards the dark, gritty design of what the interiors above represent. It wont be realism, but rather semi-realism. And there will be blood, oh yes!

There were plenty of weapons in Symphony of the Night, and also consumables. Koji Igarashi (game developer) sure did like those food items! This is why I want to include food in my game too, if possible.

Vote for your favorite food you might wanna see in the game here:

What I gotta learn

There are many things I need to learn before I can share anything real with you guys. Music is one thing, but when it comes to the Unreal Engine to code and make a game out of assets. It may take a year to understand that tool enough to make a game. This if you got the assets, which is another challenge; make 3D models. So I have downloaded the free application Blender, which allows you to make 3D assets for a wide variaty of things, including game making and Unreal Engine.

I need to get sound effects, I need to create items, weapons, the main character, npc, monsters, and animate as well.

This is super early, and not even worthy of either an Patreon account or a Kickstarter campaign. If this game will ever see the light of day is highly believeable, but I believe people that might read this now or 2-3 years from now, might think ”when is this coming out anyways? did the dude even make an effort?” .. I sure hope I did if you read this that far into the future!

Thats all folks. Update 3 will be when I got enough to share. I wouldn’t like to spoil the things you get from playing the game, but for people interested, this might be a fun read.

Until next time traveler.

/ Enkeria

All rights reserved for spellchecking. I am lazy, and I will spell like a goof. Deal with it. (the game will be accurate in languages however, and support subtitles from fans).