The Enkeria Challenge

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V06 – The Mega Genesis Drive Challenge!

§1 Each event have a different set of rules which may change these rules.
§2 No cheating allowed.*

This page is currently under development. Return for full set of rules.

* Romhacks or cheatcodes to gain you any advantage. Warps, passwords, savestates and tricks to combine things to gain speed, items, score, glitching through or similar isn’t allowed. For example you can’t skip a dialogue if the game doesnt explicitly allow you to skip it. Same goes going though rooms. Cheating is NOT if you use a better gun towards a boss. Sell items to gain more money faster or pick a character/item in the game that allows you to be better at a specific stage, area or bossbattle. If the game is intended to be as such, its fine. Playing co-op isn’t cheating, nor is using passwords given to you during your current playthrough.

Promo Art for your stream

Download this Promo Art ZIP for some additional promo art for your overlay / panels during the challenge. In the zip is also included flavortext.txt which have some extra information if you choose to use an !ec command in chat to trigger the information and link to this site to be shown.

This is of course optional. Thanks.


Legendary Challenges

Archive of old challenges. You are welcome to do them on your free time. Some might be revisited and remade in the future.

Hall of Fame

EC V1 – Game Boy
1. Burkman1989 [Speed Demon Gold]
2. Frenom2398 [Speed Demon Gold]
3. Swedlund_ [Speed Demon Gold]
4. DaddyDino2 [Gold]
5. CreatureTypeSorcery [Bronze]

EC V2 – Master System
No records found.

EC V3 – Nintendo 8bit
No records found.

EC V4 – Nintendo 8bit
1. TheAndySocialNetwork [Speed Demon Gold]
2. Mightmuu [Speed Demon Gold]

EC V5 – Super Nintendo
No records found.

EC V6 – Mega Drive / Genesis
Coming Soon!