Enkeria Challenge V6 is Live!

Happy New Year everyone!

We start of 2021 with a challenge (of your choice; casual or speedrunning), using Mega Drive / Genesis as basis with a bunch of games.

If you are interested to participate, make sure there are footage on your efforts to complete the challenges to get an official EC (Enkeria Challenge) PDF diploma, which will be sent your way in February.

This challenge takes place during whole of January and will have a Prime Time later during the month to be the window where you are actually streaming or recording your run as well as sending it my way to have a look how you did. Be it casual (try to strike bronze, silver or gold in the different tiers) or be the fastest one of the bunch!

The main game will be Sonic The Hedgehog, which in Enkeria Challenge traditions is the game you need to finish. The rest of the challenges are according to the poster, see link below for more information.

And no, you do not need to do all the challenges in one sitting unless your aim is to speed through them.

GL HF & Have a great 2021!
/ Enkeria

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