Introduction of my 20%

Being creative is hard when you are in a position in your life where you can’t explore and reach specific goals, big or small doesn’t matter. If you aren’t allowed to reach them you will soon enough don’t even try. Or try whenever you have the possibility, even if you get challenges along the way to keep you stuck.

I have understood that my 100% of me have faded during a course of many years. Seeing mom getting more sick took energy, and once she passed I was stuck with dad, who aren’t the easiest person to live with. As soon as I can move, I will do so. During the times I am home I want to do so much stuff. Like create art, music, play games, watch movies, taking it easy. But none of them are possible due to the situation I live in. This is why I have understood I am about 20% of myself these days. Once I have moved, I will get the rest back so I can be creative, feel good about myself and what I have accomplished. But until then, everything is on hold it seems.

I hope everyone likes the music I have put out on my Discord and here on the web. If you haven’t already downloaded the DMCA-free stuff, you really should before they are gone (due to whatever reason.. Internet failure, website destruction etc.)

What are you waiting for?

Thanks for the read.