Legacy Experiments [Free MP3 Album]

Legacy Experiments
To be fair, all my music are experiments. These are however my old wacky ones that never came to be of any high interest on the internet. Well, not until now anyways since you are here. Donation is optional but not required.

[ Free Download ]

Only Human - Blink (4:43)
Only Human - Breathe (5:27)
Only Human - Chasing Myself (3:35)
Only Human - Crystalfloor (3:44)
Only Human - Fizz Fizz (3:42)
Only Human - Fort Boyard (4:55)
Only Human - Fractal (5:01)
Only Human - Killer Instinct (4:20)
Only Human - King Leoric (5:19)
Only Human - Last Snowflake (4:29)
Only Human - Mad as Hell (4:01)
Only Human - Mad World (4:25)
Only Human - Mutilated (5:05)
Only Human - Number One (5:03)
Only Human - Old Days (4:50)
Only Human - Omen III (3:23)
Only Human - Rewriting Remaking (3:39)
Only Human - Rize (4:00)
Only Human - Slender Man (4:00)
Only Human - Snacks (5:17)
Only Human - The Island (1:13)
Only Human - Tower of Mist (2:54)
Only Human - Una Mas (3:54)
Only Human - Waiting on Hyperlight Train (4:15)
Only Human - We Have Found Water (5:49)


Can I use this music in my streams and projects?
Sure! If someone asks about the music, tell them where you got it from. And if you feel like it, credits are welcome, see examples below;

– Music from www.Enkeria.se
– DCMA-free music from twitch.tv/Enkeria

Is it free?
If you have a kind heart, spirit and a wallet I do appreciate donations, but they are totally optional. So yes, its free.

Are the music on Spotify?
Nope, I do music as a fun project, not for money. Read more about it here, and how to upload your owned music on Spotify from your harddrive.

Why does this exist?
Since DMCA came on strong through governments, the amount of ”free” music is lacking in the communities I move within. In the future I want to stream and listen on music (that I enjoy listening to) without having the fear of getting copyright strikes, DMCA-lawsuits or getting banned from a platform I enjoy using. I figured I would just share my project with you guys as well, perhaps you will enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

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