The Wrong Hand Challenge #wronghandchallenge

You have gotten a challenge! – The Wrong Hand Challenge!

What is ‘Wrong Hand Challenge’?

  • Game: Focused games are either Overwatch, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone or World of Warcraft.
  • Challenge: At least one whole match, using gaming mouse with ”wrong” hand (or foot), and your other to control the keyboard.
  • Challenger: All players that are willing to try are most welcome.
  • Do you accept the challenge? #wronghandchallenge

Why ‘Wrong Hand Challenge’?

To make the world a bit more aware of the need to play nice in the gaming community. Many gamers out there do not have the luxury of playing games by the rules given out by the developers and companies which makes hardware that might seem ”too mainstream”.

Control devices for your hands, feet, face, and even your mind.. We have already begun the next step of gaming, and giving more people the chance of enjoying the new worlds and creativity that games may bring. A new source of entertainment and a way to actual embark on epic quests in universes far out of reach, in kingdoms at the outskirts of an enchanted forest and the chance to put an end to the evil that lurks in every corner.

Gaming is fantastic!

Quadriplegic gamers among others have the option to actually play a whole arrange of games thanks to the technology of creators and developers that think outside of the box. We encourage all to think, we encourage all to play nice and we encourage all to take on this challenge to rise its awareness.

The world could always use more heroes” for sure, and giving the communities a challenge like this will hopefully make the day more interesting and the fans of gaming something to think about.

Challenge brought to you by with the support of and are not a charity, just a fun awareness event.

Download Logo

We know many of you stream and make videos about challenges like these. This Zip contains the logo of ”The Wrong Hand Challenge”, use it with care.


Feedback will be updated within a couple of days as we look upon famous gamers and communities takes on this challenge. Some of which will be linked below. Thank you, and have fun!

  • At the moment you have read this, you might have seen #wronghandchallenge all over the communities. Play nice!
  • Message across Twitter was started: 12 08 2016