The Lore of Gin

Gin is a fictional creation, brought to you by me and developed from stories all around the world. The concept would be: What if the most boogeymen, adventures and death incarnates around the globe was actually the one and the same character?

By giving a twist to the actual foundations of what we know of Heaven and Hell, the garden of Eden and the Sanctuary of earth, there are plenty of materials to borrow from.

The video have the same lore information below, so if you want to read it with or without music is up to you. Trailer at the end is: The Monster, the music is from an old Playstation title, named Spider. The song is called Vulcano Temple. The Mask is part of Gin, and the character is a streamer of gamer over at (starting now in December).

Lore of Gin

”In the beginning, the Master created Eden and Evermore. And life.

Adam’s first consort, in the Gardens of Eden, was Lilith. Lilith then conceived and bore a great host of daughters, followed by one son.

Consequently, Lilith was suspected and accused of sin and corruption and therefore was forced, with all of her offspring, to leave Adam and The Garden. Subsequently, the daughters of Lilith sank deeper into iniquity, until they surpassed all wickedness and became the succubi, and thereby they lay the foundations of the Abyss.

The sole son of Lilith, however, renounced sin and the trespasses of his siblings, and was stoned and cast from the fold. Dejected and alone, the outcast returned to Eden. But there, his father Adam with his new wife Eve, spurned his supplications and banished him for the sins of his kindred.


Cursed with dishonor and illegitimacy, the outcast was forever damned to wander the world between worlds, the Nevermore, alone.

His despair was absolute. Though his faith remained unshaken and his loyalty to the Creator, was profound, he was alone in life and in the new world. The outcast appealed to the Master. He beseeched forgiveness of the Lord and avowed his eternal allegiance, asking only for His love and guidance.

The Creator listened to the exile and took pity. Recognizing his probity and his ruthless conviction, The Creator baptized him Amzer and charged the outcast with a quest.

As long as he would fail in this, the Nevermore would grow and Evermore would become more distant. Should he succeed, he would recognized not only as a son of the promised one, but also be welcome back to the realm of Eden and receive the answers to the enigma within him.

The now divinely empowered Amzer, attested to lead his theosophic quest to steer man’s destiny away from evil and towards righteousness and to guard virtuous souls against the forces of malice. His charge was to establish and protect a divine lineage of sacred and just leaders, who would one day, save the souls of all mankind, and lead humanity to a life of tolerance, fairness, peace and respect.

This was the true quest. This was the true test. The beauty of being a son of both light and dark was balanced.

But he failed.


As the Nevermore grew faster than Amzer could reach out, the effectively fight for the cause and guard of the Master against the mighty powers of evil, Amzer had to be prepared to be ruthless. While slowly building a new path, he became lost in the transcendence and faded away from the absence of the Creator in seek of answers.

Therefore, as an immortal, his destiny through the aeon of eternity was to appropriate his demideic powers of reincarnation and omnipresence, through a pantheon of alter egos, to establish positions of power and influence over peoples and events of history.

He began to experiment and develop methods to no longer guide people, but to make them understand they had a choice. Either go towards the light, or stay in the dark.


Amzer anointed himself in charged for eternity with the quest to build understanding of ”why” he had failed. Why had the Creator abandoned him? By doing so study the children of the new world, between the realms, and gateways of his own making.

It did not take long until Amzer got a message from the above, a bewinged general which had gazed upon his quest with intrigued vision at Amzer and the journey he had made.

They met in secret, in between realms, and his new friend offered a trade. Help Amzer find a place in Evermore, while the general could propose to Lilith, the secret love of his life.

It seemed impossible, but they made the deal. Soon after, the world shifted and true identify of Nevermore was revealed.

As long as mankind had the free will, they no longer needed a higher power above them. Amzer felt abandoned by both the Creator and his Creations. Dwelling on the very though of the quest being cursed from the beginning. Cold and bleak, he swore never to speak keen of the Master again.

Meanwhile the General was torn between Evermore and the Abyss, and going against his Creator, he was rejected and cast out, falling down to Nevermore, for the forbidden lust and love of the demon. Damaged, the general entered the Abyss willingly and met the imprisoned dark queen of blood and screams.

lilith_by_donatelladrago-d33mg0oIn this pit of sulfur and brimstone, she made a promise to him. Could he humiliate Adam, Lilith would be the fallen angels wife forever. Blinded by love, he accepted, and soon after the Eden was set in flames and dying.

The Abyss was sealed, with both the fallen and the queen with her daughters inside, forgotten. Even the very name of Amzer withered, mentioned only in books of ancient scripts filled with riddles.

Son of the Morning, Quihatzen the Gatekeeper, King of Babylon, Samhael, Judge of R’lyeh, The Sun King, Lot, The Dragon, Abaddon, Chisana Hon, Yaoguai, Baba Yaga, Hin Håle, Slenderman.

But you may call him Gin, if you wish. And today, in this era, he just want to have some fun while waiting for the world to crumble, or better yet – clash the realms and make this waste of Purgatory awoken from it’s slumber, free from life and death, in perfect harmony.

Gin: The silver in the dark, shall be lifted, nevermore.”

Off the Record

Many have speculated that this story is a paradox. Who created the Creator? Well, to speak of it we need to understand the concept of interstellar travels, the concept of time, the string of eternity. As hidden writings have stated nothing goes in a straight line, instead in a spiral, with paths crossing each other, and at the end a loop to the beginning.

hype_promo_ginIn these writings it says that the first son of Adam, went on to watch the worlds burn. And in this void the research led him to create his own world. But this world scared him, because it seemed like the exact same one he was created upon. If this is true, then the Creator is Amzer, and Amzer is the Creator. An infinite loop and a sure spectrum of madness.

It never came clear that the Creator was gone, and today people are talking about him being part in our every day lives. Perhaps we are the ones, in our vision of the future, that will go against time, travel back and be the Creators of our own species?

The complexity of the story makes it a paradox. There is no real beginning, and there is no real end. And the mistakes are never learned. Infinite loop, or so it would seem.

Enjoyed the story?