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» About

Twitch is a stream service were you can find live recordings on people trying to do entertaining or inventive things with feedback directly from the viewers. You are more than welcome to join in on the fun, as I explore both gaming, experience and art.

» Rules

  • Behavior: Be kind, no poaching / leaching.
  • Engagement: Keep spam to a minimum.
  • Economy: No need to donate anything.
  • Language: English or Swedish in chat (I respond in english).

» Schedule

Tuesdays – Fridays

  • Live after 08PM CET (20:00 Swedish time / 11AM PST) if I stream.
  • Art, Tattoo & Design – Practice, sketches, graphic design and brainstorm.
  • Random games – For example: Bloodstained, Diablo III, Rust, Retro-gaming etc.
  • IRL streams – Talking about art, tattooing, games and movies.
  • Silent mode – No microphone, just music.

Saturdays – Mondays

  • Live random hours, follow me over at Twitch to catch me!
  • Chillout – More relaxed streams with random themes.
  • Themes – Chosen by subscribers during weekends, it can be art or games from “The List“.
  • Art, Tattoo & Design – Practice, doodles, sketches and new projects.
  • Commissions – Requests by customers for live feedback. (If approved by customer)
  • Random games – For example: Bloodstained, Diablo III, Rust, Retro-gaming etc.
  • IRL streams – Talking about art, tattooing, games and movies.

» Commissions

Art, sound effects, icons and overlays. Got any commission? Let me know! I will either guide you to a friend or do it myself depending on job. Connect. You can also reach me on Twitch.

Articles: Twitch & FrankerFaceZ icons, overlays & logos | Streamers as celebrities

» Commands

Works in the stream chat when there is a livefeed.

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!8ball (add question) – Get a yes or no answer    !bloodstained – What is Bloodstained?    !boobs – Hype    !commands – This document    !cowabunga – Hype    !currentgame – Current game or theme    !drink – Hype    !forum – Bloodstained forums    !freecommands – This document    !games – Example of games I might be playing    !hype – fast hype icons    !info – Info about the stream    !language – Eng/Swe info    !link – Links allowed or?    !lurk – random quote    !mac – Mac & Cheese (Bloodstained related)    !nextsong – Next song during songrequest    !rip – RIP Game!    !secrets – Random reveals    !sfx – The sound effects    !shrug – Ascii symbols    !song – Current playing song    !suicide – Do not try this!    !tableflip – Ascii symbols    !twitch – The multitwitch    !twitter – Account    !unflip – Ascii symbols    !unlurk – Random quote

» Sound Effects

All sound effects cost “ink”, a currency you obtain by staying around in my stream, have a cooldown and can’t be spammed during streams.

Note: Red sound effects aren’t activated yet. Rules apply: Every 10th new subscriber will unlock 2 new sound effects.

!fail – Wah wah waaah    !dramatic – Dramatic outcome    !scream – The Wilhelm Scream    !doit – Just Do it    !derp – Derp    !diablo – Diablo    !denied – Denied    !deez – Deeznuts    !nosleep – No sleep    !back – I’ll be back    !nope – Nope    !tired – I’m tired    !sad – Sad violin

!12sec – “12 seconds later” (Spongebob)    !2h – “2 hours later” (Spongebob)    !balls – I got balls of steel (Duke Nukem)    !batman – Batman (1966)    !destiny – Choose your destiny (MK)    !elevator – Elevatormusic    !fight – Fight! (MK)    !flute – A calm flute (Serenity)    !hadouken – Hadouken (Ryu)    !item – Link found an item    !leroyj – Leroooy Jeeenkins    !live – I live again (Blood)    !loud – Loud noises (The Office)    !omg – OMG, its full of stars    !pac – Pac Man (Waka sound)    !praise – Halleluljah    !surprise – Surprise Mother Fu-ker (Dexter)    !tada – Tada (Peter Griffin)    !tracer – Tracer (Overwatch)

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!1kill – First blood (Unreal)    !2kill – Double kill (Unreal)    !3kill – Triple kill (Unreal)    !4kill – Multi kill (Unreal)    !unstop – Unstoppable (Unreal)    !hshot – Headshot (Unreal)    !mkill – Monster kill (Unreal)    !ludkill – Ludacris kill (Unreal)    !dom – Dominating (Unreal)    !god – Godlike (Unreal)    !shit – Holy shit (Unreal)    !sick – Wicked sick (Unreal)    !finish – Finish him (MK)    !fat – Fatality (MK)    !ex – Excellent (MK)    !ach – Achievement unlocked    !tmnt – Cowabunga    !sleep – Sleep    !son – Damn Son    !yey – Yey Bad    !yeey – Yey Good

!mkt – Traditional (MK)    !mkm – Modern (MK)    !cheer – Crowd    !haha – The ‘Haha Song’

» Special Alerts

These might be triggered if you choose to donate either real currency or Twitch own bit-currency.

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