Meet the indie developer whose boss is his 6-year-old daughter

Madelyn Obritsch is the star of Battle Princess Madelyn.

Christopher Obritsch is a father, an ex-graphic designer and an indie game developer. He’s also a self-confessed, present day Ghouls ‘N Ghosts devotee—an affinity that, despite the legions of similar and not so similar games that’ve came and went since, was formed almost 30 years ago.

After a chance encounter with a Toronto Airport-dwelling arcade cabinet in the late ’80s, Obritsch, then 12-years old, dedicated his spare time to programming crude iterations of Capcom’s hit sidescrolling platformer on his Commodore 64. As a child himself, little did he know then that he’d one day embark on a similar journey with his own daughter close to three decades down the line.

”So one day, she’s just sitting there and says: ‘I want to fight Greenhead’,” Obritsch tells me. He’s in the middle of a Ghouls ‘N Ghosts session, that his then four-year old daughter Maddi often looked in on. He’s tanking the first level boss—a towering dual-horned, fire-breathing, green-headed cyclops dragon—and Maddi watches on.

”What do you mean, you want the controller, you want to play?'” Obritsch asks. ”No, I want to be in the game, I want to be Arthur,” his daughter replies.

Battle Princess Madelyn is currently in development and is provisionally expected in February 2018. Its Kickstarter page can be found in this direction

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