The Enkeria Challenge

☙ All hail to you champion ❧

The Enkeria Challenge (EC) is a easy-going or hardcore fanatic project that allows both new and veteran gamers to do an achievement-hunt as a retro-community. Everyone can join in on these events as long as the rules are kept. Check out any active challenges here.

These challenges are “fun” events you stream at your own pace on Twitch. Everyone that finish one or more tiers, along with confirmation that of VOD* file(s) will get a diploma pdf as a reward. Read more about tiers below.

* Video On Demand, the records of you stream that are kept within Twitch. You can also highlight if you are an advanced user of streaming or upload the stream(s) on YouTube.

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Warrior Tier
You finish bronze (few specific challenges)

Master Tier
You finish silver (more specific challenges)

Grandmaster Tier
You finish gold (all challenges)

Early Bird
Being among the first to send in a Grandmaster / Gold tier VOD file to be registered. This does not apply on Warrior or Master tier.

Speed Demon
Being among the fastest to finish the Grandmaster / Gold tier. This does not apply on Warrior or Master tier.

The Rules

  • Register by contacting me here, Twitch or on Discord.
  • Practice before or during the Prime Time is fine. (Check for deadline on each challenge).
  • Speedrunning is optional and not required. There are however additional badge to earn for it on the diploma.
  • Play them in which order you want.
  • No cheats, exploits, warps, glitches or passwords* allowed.
  • In-game strategies are fine if design are intended, like shortcuts.
  • Most challenges will unlock 1 week from Prime Time, each challenge last for about 2 weeks.
  • Do the challenge on livestream during Prime Time (during this time you may contribute your content).
  • Once deadline is reached, challenges are no longer part of the reward-system.
  • Special Events have different set of rules, make sure to read them carefully.
  • Share tips & tricks, guides, tutorials, streams and Q&A on Discord.
  • * Passwords gained from actually game during event is okey to use, as long as actually obtained it through the game, and not the internet or booklets.


Which game regions are allowed?
USA, NA, EU, ASIA, JAP (Keep ingame info, dialogue and menu in english)

Are emulation allowed?
Yes, all allowed. Make sure your rom is legally obtained and aren’t some kind of bootleg / fan-translated (unless it is stated that particular game may use it, example: Sweet Home; Nintendo 8-bit).

Which challenge is the actual one?
There is only 1 challenge active at any given time. Check date on each version that is uploaded here or on Discord.

Do I have to speedrun?
No, these challenges are both for casual gamers and speedrunners. If you do a speedrun, make sure to make 1 complete run in 1 video. There is additional real life achievements to obtain for doing speedrunning and it will be part of the diploma if you are among the best of the best.

Do I have to complete all of these in one go?
No, not unless you are speedrunning it. If you have the casual approach then go for it anyways. It’s a much sweeter victory and will be faster validated! But you can also do highlights or send in multiple VOD files, marking them part 1, part 2 etc.

What can I win?
If you can finish all challenges (bronze, silver or gold) and be validated as such, you will earn a PDF diploma / certificate for accomplishment, and bragging rights. You can either use it as a wallpaper, print it or upload it on the web. Each PDF diploma will be a 297×210 mm design. Your Twitch-name will be attached to it. Contact me if you want a different name.

When can I submit my highlights / video VOD / streamclips?
During Prime Time, to the Discord.

Can I send in a new VOD file?
Yes! If you have already sent a VOD and think you can speedrun it better, send in a new one! But think about the deadline, if you send it day after the actual date it won’t count, and you might also miss out on the Early Bird Achievement.

What kind of challenges can we expect in the future?
Achievement-hunting, reach levels, defeat special bosses etc is the main thing. See it as mini goals, and a excuse to try out different games you never thought you would ever try out in the first place. Games will always be ‘Retro’.

Can I use exploits / codes / cheats / save states?
No. If you skip dialogues, glitch through areas, use save states or game genie up better gear, immortality etc. are strictly prohibited. Things that are featured in game that are designed to be used (warps, better strategies, powerful items, patterns, characters that gives you an advantage) are fine as long as they are used as developers intended. While we understand passwords are included in the development intention side of things we won’t allow this in challenges, or cheats, unless stated otherwise in that specific challenge. Join the Discord to find out more or ask for advice. If we see unethical practice of these, or things like skipping frames to gain advantage in speedruns and/or casual play may result in blacklist and ban.

Are Hacks / Custom roms allowed?
No, I can’t validate hacked versions, not even those that “only changes sprites / sfx / music / translation”.

Discord invite is broken, how do I join?
Contact me manually, let me know. I will send you an invite + fix the one on the website. Thanks.

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All information about The Enkeria Challenge are subject to change. Get back to this site as often as you can to see updated events, rules and information.