Being part of the Overwatch Community

The world could always use more heroes!

My involvement in the game Overwatch is based out of pure interest, and I am both graphical designer and newswriter on

Together with two  friends we begun our journey with information about Diablo III but soon shifted our main focus towards Overwatch, the lore, the details, the heroes and the development of the latest First Person Team Based Shooter we all know and love. This is very natural step for us, since we are passionate about Blizzard Entertainment and the games they develop and something we very much would love to expand upon in terms of articles and fun interactions to make the game even better.


We have invested both money and time to give our visitors so much free news about the game and also designed applications for phones to aid and assist hard working hours with some news and entertainment. All this is completely free.

As for our app (free for both Android and iOS devices – coming soon!), we plan to continue to have it advertising-based, because right now it is the only income we actually get together with our YouTube videos which deals environments, heroes, weapons, datamined details and materials.


Donations can be made if you love what we do. Everything we earn are going towards making what we have a bit better. This also includes future streaming, videos, interviews, app development, guides and more. We thank everyone that are enjoying our information, app and theories over at our site.

And have a look out for our application: ”Glemda News”, coming soon to Android and iOS!


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