img_20160303_165856Enkeria is an independent graphical design studio located in Skåne, Sweden. The purpose is to build friendships by creating minimal and clean websites, artwork and overall design that brings companies and customers closer together, united in a sense of achievement and exploration. At Enkeria there are always new creations on the verge to be explored. I believe that less is more and the experience are only part of the puzzle an adventure, a commitment to excellence and a passion for iteration are essential.

Like many kids in my generation, I grew up with computers, first as a curious user, then as a e-commerce owner. This is where I discovered that I had the talent of seeking out and improve parts of the online communities, mostly for my site, but also for others. It was so rewarding to design the logos, the art and become a part of what others had imagine for their company that lasted for years. I feel like I’ve continuously added to my friend group through the projects that I’ve created and designed.

As a designer, it was moments like my first label for a fitness company, the creative parts of expressing a gaming website about an gothic world, evolve the philosophy design of an tattoo artists workshop and also develop my own brand as a side-project that really made me grow. Enkeria for me is the next phase in this journey to deepen and enrich clean art through your vision.

I let the portfolio speak for itself.

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