Video Editing: Powerful yet minimal design.

Its been a while, hasn’t it?

I have been busy with new projects and assignments outside of my company zone and it has resulted in me getting a continuation of education over at Famous Fools. It has also come to my attention not many know that I make video editing too. While being simplistic and minimalistic in design, it is enough for the common folks to get a grip over what the focus of the media is all about – the brand, the product, the service and the location of which to find all of these.

So here is a fast introduction of an video, see below for examples of videos I have done for customers.

» Video Editing

  • Simple & minimal design of promo videos for your company or personal adventures.
  • Full information about the license usage of music and additional vfx, filters and more.
  • 30 seconds video mp4-file for all social media. 60 seconds video mp4-file for most social media (instagram included).
  • For YouTube & Vimeo: Output video recommended 720p HD mp4 or higher. For Social Medias: Minimal balanced output, mp4.
  • Send me the footage, leave a CD, DVD or USB with the files in the studio.


More Examples


Famous Fools Studio (full promo) | Gym, Dance & Fitness Promo | Gym Center Promo | Roliga Prylar: Energidrycker (2011) | Health & Mana Potions Promo Video

Personal Assignments

My Time To Shine | Gamer Stream Intro | Pete FlatTop Truck Video | The Skeleton Church in Kutna Hora (Czech Republic)


Ark: Swedish Gamingserver | Ark: The Wanderer | Diablo III: Malthael Lore Video


Diablo III: Book Tips | Trying Out Sculptris (Software App) | Airbrush Stencil Tutorial | Prime Nutrition BCAA Slushice Tip Video


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Short Music Promo | Only Human – Crystal Floor Musikvideo