My doodles, my art, my progress

A few weeks ago I finally got my Wacom Bamboo Touch to work on my computer.

I use a Windows 10 stationary with 2.0 USB in/output. The pen wasn’t lost but I did have a bunch of issues with the tablet. Not even Wacom had any good drivers, or at least I thought so.

I actually just stumbled upon a solution when I wanted to re-install it. Since It was frozen and it wouldn’t uninstall, I just went in and deleted 2 wacom.dll files, this in the explorer and ctrl+f (find). To my surprise the tablet lit up for the first time since.. Well, since I ever bought it and I had finally a reason to dust it off.

Now, since I am new to the whole tablet and pen thing, I went straight into practice. Mind you, free-hand drawing was something I did a lot 20-22 years ago, but since computers have been so much in my life, it felt natural to move from pen to computer mouse and continue from there. I have missed this, and I have a bunch of projects going on, commissions and educations!

This is a small portion of what I have been doing, with less to no information. Some are done out of pure practice, a few is assignments, others are for projects that might, or might not be official at a later date. Thanks for the peek guys.