Streamers as celebrities

Every streamer should have a brand to represent themselves, and what they stand for. May it be entertainment and thrills, design and science, or perhaps power and wisdom? We all want to be famous, so how about get a boost into the highlights with a logo that can speak for itself? Just by looking at a nice headtitle / brand / logo will make the viewer and fans reenact that awesome feel they had when they first saw you and found your content crazy interesting, which resultet them to stick around for a longer time.

Logos is in general super hard to make, it’s a powerful representation which should suit you as an individual, but also be good in any type of marketing, even if its next to a billboard that are saying almost the same thing. What makes you stick out? What’s your favorite colors? What is your goal?

Get more people to notice you. The heart is you, now you just need that fancy costume.

Let me know, see if we can work something out!

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