When I was a Diablo III newswriter

I should write “times” because I went on to try being an article writer on many different sites, even though I just tested out three places one time, I ended up writing Diablo III news on a Swedish site, that site happened also to be one out of two websites I made the design for.

Diablo III was a game I really enjoyed taking part of in the early beta days, giving feedback to the community and the developers. With the power of being a article-writer I also had the chance in giving my posts better spotlights. Better views meant better chance in that the developers took the ideas and thoughts into count, and with the communication and comments by others they could pretty much nail down many things.

The websites I did design for and wrote on were DiabloExpressions.com and Diablo3pvp.se, the latter being a early URL that were bought by my friends since Diablo III promised PvP in the future (which still today have not to be seen).

It was a fun ride. ‘Diablo Expressions’ went on a hold and Diablo3pvp likewise, the team behind Diablo3pvp then started up Glemda.com/Overwatch which still today have news (this time in English) for everyone to read, me being the newswriter once again. Fun stuff.

Enjoy the images. Design and articles by us, the fans of Diablo / Blizzard Entertainment.

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