Next Generation Fitness Clothing

The next generation of gym sharks have arrived in Sweden.

While not being too keen on the lack of imagination on the fitness market, I tend to go a bit creative in terms of getting that endorphins and muscle memory going when making flex-fashion, the factory of men and women aiming to become champions with a message.

I have seen clothing featuring some boring white text on a black piece of fabric and it seems too bland. I miss the attitude and I really wanted to capture it with text effects usually combined with images that suits all kinds of ages.

These are available at the store, World-Wide Shipment:

I remember when I got a whole lot of text from a customer, asking me what I thought. “Which one should I use?” The answer became “all of them!” as I made a scrabble design with them all, telling a real life story. That print is not shown here due to privacy, but that was a really cool idea that went into fulfillment.

All these videos were represented on my old instagram account without any views, which is totally fine. My guess is that the world weren’t ready for that kind of powerful statement. It took a while but today some folks are enjoying the shirts and jackets.

The designs of most of these clothings reminds me of the days when we expressed what we were fans of and the colorful ideas that was created out of these thoughts.

These are available at the store, World-Wide Shipment:

I really enjoyed making all of these designs and short video promotions. While they do not sell like ice cream under a sunny day in Florida, they do get around and those very few that actually have the exact same design will probably never ever meet in real life. But who knows?