Video Projects From 2010 +

Video editing takes time and a huge deal of effort. The footage can actually save a great deal of time if you have a clue about how you want the video to be represented. Everything from views, time of recording and more can be cut and fit into one production. I filmed a few of these below, and they are mostly a hobby.

I don’t do much of video editing these days. Mostly due to time restrictions since they actually take a huge chunk of it.

If you are into editing, make sure the viewer enjoy the sound as much as any given music. And have a good ending with a fade or something that goes well with the theme. Also, using a super short intro can be nice, if doesn’t take too long to show.

Click on the images to take you to the video.

enkeriaprojekt_birdie2013 enkeriaprojekt_birdie2014
enkeriaprojekt_birdie2015 enkeriaprojekt_legend_video
enkeriaprojekt_pete_video enkeriaprojekt_helldoradorock